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About ICUA

The International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar was founded in 2007 in the frame of the Croatian Conservation Institute and soon – pursuant to an international agreement signed between UNESCO and the Republic of Croatia in 2009 – became an independent public institution and gained the status of a UNESCO category II centre. Management is conducted and primary funding provided by the Republic of Croatia and UNESCO.

The International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar aims to preserve and promote underwater cultural heritage in Croatia, the Mediterranean and Europe.

What they say about us
An intensive and efficient underwater photogrammetry course that can be applied everywhere, opens up a lot of space for investment and progres, and gives crazy ideas. After completion of the photogrammetry course, no old-fashioned model will make sense anymore.
Lena Penezić
At ICUA Zadar conservation course I gained basic knowledge about the conservation and restoration of underwater artifacts. I recommend it to all underwater archaeologists who want to acquire new skills in the conservation field!
Jelena Čelebić
I have personally very successful cooperation with Zadar UNESCO Centre for Underwater Archaeology for many years. Furthermore, as a director of the Centre for Underwater Archaeology at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland I have to confirm that we highly benefited from cooperation with Zadar UNESCO centre during the projects conducted in Poland and Croatia.
Andrzej Pydyn
It is with great pleasure that I participated in the Underwater Archaeology Basic Course in ICUA Zadar and learned lots of information and of course the basics documentation processes.
Ahmed Al Siyabi
In 2022, I participated in the "Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course" where I was able to excavate a shipwreck and make wonderful connections with some very qualified archaeologists.
Éléonore Besnard
I have made my first experience of underwater archaeology with ICUA Zadar in 2019 and I was very well supervised by all members of the team.
Éléonore Besnard
Since 1994 we are working in close cooperation with the ICUA team on different underwater archaeological sites like Hvar, Brioni, Vestar, Veliki Piruzi and Velika Sestrica. During this time we not only learned much from each other on a scientific level, but also strong friendships were forged. We look forward to continuing our constant cooperation and to all the projects still to come.
Max Fiederling
It was a pleasure to work with the team of ICUA Zadar: professional, interdisciplinary and friendly. One of the best experiences of my professional life.
Andrés Zuccolotto
Had a great time doing the NAS-1 course with ICUA at Bale, Rovinj. And to my surprise I then participated in a real 'dig' on a Roman wreck! Loved it!
Kaia Post
I have been working with ICUA since 2011 and I find the professional and friendly atmosphere wonderful. I'm already looking forward to our next project.
Roman Scholz
Two restoration courses that I have achieved at ICUA Zadar were very useful for me in a professional sense, they also resulted in continuous cooperation with my dear colleagues from Zadar. I am always happy when we have the opportunity to cooperate on a project!
Neven Peko
After you have completed the underwater archaeology course, you will be observing each coast as an object of research and along the way, most likely, you will discover all kinds of historical stories about that area.
Lena Penezić
All the employees of the Centre are very happy to respond to volunteer actions of cleaning the seabed and accompanying lectures and workshops that we organize for the purpose of raising the ecological awareness of citizens in their free time!
Đani Iglić
During my participation in underwater archaeological research I was personally convinced that the courses they stage for participants from all over the world are very detailed and high-quality work, they teach them about absolutely all segments of required knowledge in the technical and scientific sense that are needed in order to continue working successfully on similar researches and lead them independently!
Đani Iglić
I had the honor and pleasure to cooperate with the Centre as an external research associate on archaeological investigations and as a diving instructor for some of their employees.
Đani Iglić
Roko's barbecue is TOP after a dive.
Massimo Capulli
I am very glad and honoured to have been invited to the underwater archaeological courses at ICUA Zadar. Great team, great time, true professionals, the team and the Center deserves a lot a credit and I would be glad to cooperate in the future.
Mihai Duca
I have completed two courses now with ICUA Zadar, and wish there were more. I came home with so much more knowledge, and a new friendship with the incredible team there, who love to share their passion with everyone they meet!
Alexsandra Louise Tyas
I am very happy that I've had the opportunity to experience honestly an important and beautiful experience through participation in the basic underwater archaeology course. Transferring knowledge to future generations in such a professional institution is valuable for all of us. As an active diver with over 35 years of experience this is the best thing I have ever done. For a short time I was part of a team that takes care of our underwater heritage and for the betterment of future generations.
Velimir Vrzić
ICUA Zadar team has trained a number of people and thereby significantly helped in building capacity for underwater archaeology in the entire Adriatic region. Invaluable contribution, extremely well organized courses and a great team which always supports the participants even after the course is finished. The cooperation with ICUA Zadar is always a great pleasure for me.
Darko Kovačević
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