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Underwater archaeological survey of Zadar county seabed in 2020

Underwater archaeological survey of Zadar county seabed in 2020

In the period from May 18 to November 6, 2020, the International Center for Underwater Archeology in Zadar (MCPA Zadar) conducted an underwater archaeological survey in the Zadar County.

The project manager was Roko Surić, deputy manager dr. Sc. Luka Bekić, and Maja Kaleb, Mladen Pešić and Zdenka Vrgoč from MCPA Zadar, and Marko Lete from KPA Rostrum as an external research associate.

This year's survey included archaeological sites for which there was no knowledge in scientific circles, but also the positions with already located archaeological sites. The informations about some positions were received from the citizens, who recognized the archeological findings at those locations.

Remains of a metal wreck on the seabed in Brodarica in Zadar
Discovery of an Aircraft engine on the seabed in the bay of Dobrinka in Rivanj

Underwater archaeological survey of Zadar County was conducted at 12 different locations throughout the Zadar archipelago. The research included the seabed along: Rovanjska, Modrič, Ist, Rivanj, Zadar, Sestrunj and Brbinj. A large part of the conducted inspections resulted in the discovery of new, hitherto unexplored archaeological sites.

The survey was conducted by visual inspection, and at least two divers per location participated in the inspection. The most common inspected depth was between 3 m and 10 m. The survey sought to identify any archaeological traces that could indicate the existence of an archaeological site in an area. The findings observed on the seabed were documented in situ, and typologically identifiable findings were taken for later analyzes.

Archaeological sites discovered by this year's survey can be characterized as shipwrecks in three cases, and ballast piles were discovered at two locations, while in one case an ancient port was discovered.

Engine inspection in the MCPA restoration and conservation workshop
Finding of ceramic tiles in the bay Bočac on the island of Ist

In addition to the visual inspection, as part of this program, a new archaeological trial sounding excavation was conducted at the Pod Narat site in Brbinj. The purpose of this study was to collect as much data as possible regarding the ballast pile. The researched archeological material will complement the overall picture of this interesting archeological site.

This year's survey program contributed to the overall knowledge of the archaeological potential hidden in the seabed of Zadar County. In order to raise the level of knowledge, and thus the protection of underwater cultural treasures in the Zadar County to the highest level, it is necessary to conduct systematic inspections of sites with archaeological potential.

View along the Križica reef near Ist
Ballast heap in Brbinj during the excavations

Treća pozicija nalazi se nešto južnije u odnosu na prve dvije pozicije. Pregledom ovog prostora u dubljem dijelu profila kanala otkrivena je četvrtasta drvena greda koja izvire iz morskog dna. Pored grede otkrivena su i dva ulomka konveksnog keramičkog krovnog crijepa. Na ovom prostoru se ove godine nije iskopavalo. Na osnovu rezultata C14 analize koja će se napraviti na uzorku ovog drvenog elementa, odlučiti će se da li će se istraživanje nastaviti na ovoj poziciji.

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