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Training on Conservation and Restoration of Underwater Archaeological Finds for ASEAN countries

The UNESCO Office in Bankok, Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (Seameo-SPFA), Thailand’s Fine Arts Department of the Ministry of culture in cooperation with the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar will set up a training on conservation and restoration of underwater archaeological finds for ASEAN countries (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). The course will be staged in National Museum Storage (Kanchanapisek Museum), Pathum Thani, Thailand from 19 to 30 June 2023. The training is organized in order to enhance the capacity in research and protection of underwater cultural heritage in South-East Asia.

In South-East Asia, the protection of underwater heritage is of high importance, due to their cultural richness and the complex history of the region. Underwater cultural heritage holds a vast potential for sustainable development, it is a very interesting and attractive form of heritage, appreciated by the public. However, the region is facing challenges for fully realizing the potentials of their submerged heritage. Many underwater cultural sites are still threatened by treasure-hunting and industrial activities. Urgent training is especially needed in the field of conservation and restoration of artefacts recovered from water. This field of scientific knowledge and skill is not sufficiently developed in the region with few skilled professionals.

The two-week course on the conservation and restoration of underwater archaeological finds provides an introduction to conservation-restoration. During the course participants will be acquainted with work on all materials and spend a few days in each of the workshops. The training consists of a theoretical and practical segment, with the possibility of placing greater focus on a given segment, depending on the wishes, capabilities and knowledge of the applicant.

Besides international experts who are invited in the course, the training will provide Ms Anita Jelić as the representative of ICUA Zadar, Conservation and Restoration Department.

Participating in this project the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar - as UNESCO category 2 centre - implements one of its strategic goals which is training underwater archaeologists and conservation specialists nationally and internationally, thus contributing to the UNESCO's programme objectives.

Further details are also available at: Facebook and UNESCO

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