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Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course 2023

Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course 2023

From October 2 to October 13, 2023, the International Center for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar organized and conducted the Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course as part of archaeological research on an ancient shipwreck site in Barbir, Sukošan. The course consisted of both theoretical and practical components, with the aim of providing young scientists from different parts of the world with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge and skills related to techniques and methods for researching underwater cultural heritage. Among this year's participants were Ladislav Duranka from Slovakia, Cristina San Martin from Spain, Asimina Porrou from Greece, and Pedro Albaraccin from Colombia.

Throughout the two-week course, participants had the opportunity to attend morning lectures delivered by underwater archaeologists and conservators from MCPA Zadar, along with their collaborators. The lecturers included Maja Kaleb, Roko Surić, Zdenka Vrgoč, Mladen Pešić, Antonija Jozić, and Roman Scholz from RGK-DAI.

The first week of the course was dedicated to underwater archaeological surveys and deep dives. We explored underwater areas around the island of Pašman based on information from diver Đani Iglić, where we examined a cove and discovered a significant number of ancient ceramic artifacts. We also dived at the shipwreck site of Ledenik near Sestrunj and explored the beautiful location known as Katedrala near the island of Premuda. During our investigations in Brbinj on Dugi Otok, we documented over 20 ballast piles.

This year, it was decided that the participants would actively engage in systematic archaeological excavations at the Barbir site in Sukošan. They were involved in setting up the grid, excavation, and documentation. While investigating the ship's structure, participants had the opportunity to use underwater cameras to document findings beneath the water's surface under the guidance of experienced archaeologists and collaborators.

The International Center for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar would like to congratulate its dear participants on the successful completion of the course. It is believed that with the knowledge and skills they have acquired, they will contribute to the research of underwater cultural heritage in their respective countries, and we eagerly anticipate their future professional endeavors.

During the course, participants were also introduced to the U-Mar project, gaining insights into its objectives and significance in underwater archaeology. This presentation opened the doors for potential collaborations in the field of underwater cultural heritage research.

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