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Large wooden logboat pulled out from the river Ljubljanica

Underwater archaeologists of the Slovenian Institute for Underwater Archaeology in a cooperation the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar successfully brought to an end a very ambitious project. During July 2015., they uncovered the Roman wooden boat, made out of a single wooden trunk, in the Ljubljanica River. The boat was raised from the river in three major parts, and now has to go trough the long-term preservation process to be presented in the new museum in Vrhnika.


Croatian underwater archaeologist visited Denmark

As part of an agreement signed between the Danish Agency for Culture and ICUA, underwater archaeologist from ICUA have spent in Denmark the period from 5th to 18th July 2015. The hosts for the Croatian team were colleagues from the Strandingmuseum St. George, Moesgard Museum, Langelands Museum and the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. Valuable experience was obtained by visiting the numerous museums under the guidance of Danish colleagues and also by underwater excavations on prehistoric site of Askø. The Croatian team was received by the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Copenhagen and in the end of two-week tour they visited the Danish Agency for Culture.


This year's Babuljaš research is completed

This year's ICUA research on a small island near Pakostane Babuljas have been completed. The research lasted from 18th to 29th of May 2015. ICUA Basic course of underwater archaeology was also conducted during the research. Overall, in this two weeks, ten archaeologists from five countries worked at the Babuljas. Except on the remains late Roman shipwreck, this year research has was rather focused on prehistoric layers under it.




The exhibition "Port of Veštar" arrived in Rovinj

On 15.5.2015.g., extensive bilingual monograph "Luke Vestar - Der Hafen von Vestar", which displays the results of archaeological research conducted by ICUA Zadar with the cooperation of several institutions, was presented to the public in Rovinj Heritage Museum. At this occasion, an exhibition of archaeological finds discovered during the six years of underwater research at this important site was opened. The exhibition will be open until the end of August 2015



Suleiman Bridge Book presented

In organisation of the Institute for Scientific and Art Research Academy in Osijek, on Wednesday, April 15, 2015, in the Renaissance hall of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb, the book 'The Great Osijek Bridge' was presented. The book is the result of research work of the Institute for Art History on the so-called Suleiman's Bridge, which linked historic settlements Osijek and Darda through the wetlands in a distance of about 8 kilometers. Archaeological research and conservation of finds of the remains of the bridge was carried out by the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar. One chapter of the book, written by the co-author Mladen Pešić, is devoted to this research. The book was published with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey to the Republic of Croatia and the Turkish Institute for Underwater Archaeology in Istanbul, TINA.


DEGUWA's 20th Conference held Nuremberg

German Association of Underwater Archaeology, DEGUWA, held its 20th Conference from 16 to 22 March 2015 in Nuremberg. This year's conference theme was "Land under!", and it dealt with submerged landscapes and settlements in particular. Over 40 presentations were presented to public, and representatives came from more than twenty countries. Archaeologists from the Croatia had four presentations. Event was held at the premises of Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg, known for its very valuable exhibition.


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