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Lectures on irradiation methods in conservation held in ICUA Zadar

Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatian Conservation Institute and International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar organized a series of lectures on "Irradiation Methods In The Protection Of Cultural Heritage", on Oct 6th 2011 in lecture hall of ICUA Zadar. Lectures are a continuation to the seminar in Zagreb (Oct 4th and 5th 2011), and are part of a technical cooperation project with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) TC Project RER/8/015: "Using Nuclear Techniques for the Characterization and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Artifacts in the European Region".


The fourth International Congress on Underwater Archaeology IKUWA just ended

On Saturday 1.10.2011.g., in the Great hall of the University in Zadar, the largest international congress on underwater archeology has ended. The Congress took place under the supervision of a Steering committee composed of experts who have led former IKUWA congresses and the Organizing committee consisting of the hosts - the representatives of several institutions located in Zadar. According to what we have heard from many participants, the Congress has completely succeeded, which means that the important topic of "Management of underwater cultural heritage" developed through various presentations, presented all sorts of aspects of it.



Ruder Boskovic Institute and Croatian Conservation Institute (Hrvatski restauratorski zavod) in cooperation with the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar are organizing a series of lectures on Irradiation Methods in the Protection of Cultural Heritage. Lectures will take place on Oct 6th 2011 at the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar. Mr. Quoc Khoi Tran from the ARC-Nucléart Laboratory in Grenoble, France, will participate as an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) expert. Lectures begin at 9.00 AM. Entrance is free.


An exhibition on underwater research in bay of Veštar opened at Rovinj museum

International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar has set an exhibition of archaeological finds at the Rovinj Heritage Museum on Friday, the July 1st 2011. Exhibition comes as a result of two years of underwater archeological research in bay of Veštar near Rovinj. Archaeological finds from the bay of Veštar which have been restored and conserved so far have been represented. Considering that this research has began in 2008, and continuing, we can expect the successive presentation of new findings in years to come. This research has rounded up knowledge of the history of bay of Veštar: numerous remains of pottery, vessels, amphorae and other objects that testify flourishing life in the bay of Veštar since Roman times. Continuing research and its extension to the coastal part of the archaeological site will give a more complete picture of the location in the future.


New archaeological research at the Janice site in Pakoštane

Underwater archaeological research of the Roman period harbour in Pakoštane and the documentation of prehistoric sites at the nearby Janice site were conducted from 30 May to 11 June 2011. Research at the Roman period harbour is a continuation of the exploratory trenching of a Roman pier launched a few years ago by the University of Zadar. Research of the prehistoric underwater site began at the initiative of its discoverer Marko Meštrov, an archaeologist from Pakoštane. The archaeological research is being carried out by the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar in collaboration with the University of Zadar, the Han-Vrana Agency and the Römisch-Germanische Kommission institute of Germany.


Beginner level underwater archaeology course held in Pakoštane

The International Centre for Underwater Archaeology (ICUA), a UNESCO category II centre, organised a two-week beginner level training course in diving and underwater archaeology. The courses were held in Zadar and Pakoštane, from 30 May to 11 June 2011 and were organised with the support of the UNESCO office in Venice. During the first week the young archaeologists from Southeastern European countries had an opportunity to learn the basics of diving or to improve their diving skills in line with the requirements of the Scuba Schools International (SSI) system, under the guidance of experienced instructor Nenad Starčić.

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