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Excavation of the 17th century shipwreck at cape Franina near Pula


From the end of June and through the first week of July, the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar conducted the first systematic underwater research on a 17th-century shipwreck sunk at Cape Franina on the Kamenjak Peninsula. The first preliminary survey of the site was executed in 2020, while this year saw the first underwater archaeological excavation of the shipwreck. In the time span of 10 days, one trench with the remains of the ship's construction was excavated, observed, and documented, and various metal, glass, and ceramic finds were taken out and documented.

Furthermore, on one of three iron cannons by which this site is known, in-situ protection and conservation were carried out: the cannon was thoroughly cleaned from a layer of corrosion, and a zinc galvanic anode was fitted on the cannon to protect the cannon from corrosion. This pioneering endeavor was the first time that this method of in situ protection of an underwater cultural good was carried out. Alongside the excavation on  Cape Franina. the team made final metal detecting surveys on the researched shipwreck site on Veruda Islet, alongside a survey in the bay of Paltana in the town of Banjole.

The participants of this year's research were as follows:  ICUA Zadar's Luka Bekić as project manager, Maja Kaleb as manager's deputy, Roko Surić, Ivan Vidulić, and Zdenka Vrgoč; Roman Scholz and Andreas Grundmann from Römisch-Germanische Kommission, Igor Mihajlović from Croatian Conservation Institute - Department of Underwater Archaeology and external associates: Sandra Kamerla Buljić, Željko Kamerla, Borna Krstulović, Andrea Battistin and Robert Lehotkai from „Diving Centre Indie“ and Marko Lete of UPA Rostrum.


We hereby express our contentment with the results of this year's research and would like to express our gratitude to all our external associates for their effort and commitment.
We anxiously await what will the processing of this year's results show to us, and what will the hidden depths of the shipwreck at Cape Franina reveal in future research campaigns.














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