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The underwater archaeological research of the ancient shipwreck in the seabed of the islet of Velika Sestrica continued during October 2020 as part of the ''Rovinj shipwrecks'' project. Archaeologists from the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar, in collaboration with the Bavarian Society for Underwater Archaeology,  excavated and documented pits containing traces of shipwreck cargo, mostly parts of Forlimpopoli-type amphorae.
In the last three days of field research, due to bad weather, it was not possible to work on Sestrice, so the team mentioned earlier, together with fire fighters from the Rovinj-Rovigno Public Fire Brigade, conducted an underwater survey of some islands and cliffs in the Rovinj archipelago. The seabed of the island of Sveta Katarina, cliffs of Muntrav and islet of Samer and the seabed below the Old Town were examined.
The Museum of the City of Rovinj-Rovigno joined the diverse team with whom the cooperation has been established as well as agreed plans for the future!



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