New research of Suleiman's Bridge in Darda

Under the leadership of Mladen Pešić, ICUA Zadar archaeologists completed another research campaign at Suleiman's bridge on the Lake Small Đola in Darda. After researching the layout of pylons and their mapping in the previous years, this year the team focused on finding the upper parts of the bridge at the bottom of the lake, in order to make ideal reconstruction. 


Danish underwater archaeologists visited Zadar

A group of underwater archaeologists from Denmark paid a visit to ICUA Zadar on 22-24.10.2014. On that occasion, Morten Stenak, Torben Malm, Ingeborg Svennevig and Tina Damgaard-Sørensen held a series of lectures and presented their achievements in the protection of cultural heritage and underwater archeology. 


ICUA exhibition on post-medieval glass opened in MAS

On 23.10.2014. in the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar, an exhibition titled Post-medieval glass from the seabed of Istria and Dalmatia was officially opened. Exhibition was jointly organised by the ICUA zadar and MAS Zadar. At the same time, the comprehensive exhibition catalog written by Luka Bekić was presented. The exhibits date from the 16th to the 20th century, and have been found at various coastal sites during the ICUA Zadar underwater projects.



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