Underwater survey in Dubrovnik area ended up with sensational findings

This year's survey by ICUA Zadar and RPM Nautical Foundation, with their research vessel Hercules, achieved greatest success in the south Croatian waters so far. This year underwater robot had finally reached an intact ancient shipwreck from the 1st century BC off cape Pelegrin near Kupari.


First Scientific diving course finished in Zadar

From 2nd - 14th June 2014, a scientific diving course took place in Zadar. The course was organized in cooperation between Illyrian Coastal Exploration Program, Transylvania University, and ICUA for 11 students from USA, UK, Estonia, Germany, and Cyprus.


Underwater field school for archaeology and ecology

For the second year in a row, the Illyrian Coastal Exploration Program in cooperation with ICUA conducted an underwater field school for archaeology and ecology. For two weeks (June 16-28), five students from USA, UK, and Germany visited several underwater sites and practiced exercises according to the school´s programme.



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